Sushi Restaurants Near Me

Sushi Restaurants Near Me

Kae Sushi is a top-rated Japanese restaurant with a delectable menu, beers, selection of wine, and traditional rolls. We help food lovers searching for ‘sushi restaurants near me’ fulfill their craving for Japanese cuisine with our diverse menu.

Components of a typical Japanese meal

A Japanese meal is different from an American four-course meal. A typical Japanese meal involves only one course but comes with several dishes. At the end of dinner, some places serve a second course, which is the dessert. Some of the components of an ideal Japanese dinner include rice, seaweed or nori, tsukudani (topping for rice), furikake (rice seasoning), soup, pickles, mixed protein, and vegetables. 

Besides these, salads are also an integral part of a Japanese menu. Japanese salads typically include vinegar marinated vegetables such as sunomono, ohitashi, hijiki, etc. Besides shellfish and a variety of fishes, recent adaptations of Japanese meals include chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables as well. If you are searching the internet for ‘sushi restaurants near me,’ our diverse menu offers the best mix of traditional Japanese dishes with a hint of Miami in it.

Tips for choosing the best sushi restaurant

Choosing the right Japanese place for dinner or lunch can be an intermediating task. Make sure to dine at a reputed restaurant that serves the best sushi along with other Japanese dishes.

Do not narrow down your choice based on price, as it is not always an indicator of food quality and taste. Lastly, make sure the restaurant is not too crowded, or the waiter may not be able to answer your menu-related queries patiently.

Japanese seasonings and how to use them

Seasonings, spices, and condiments are a big part of Japanese meals. It is almost as important as the main course and has a pivotal role to play in influencing the taste of most of the Japanese dishes. Some of the most important flavorings in this cuisine include:

  1. Miso – Miso acts as the base for several Japanese foods as well as an additional flavor to meals. Miso soup is a favorite item of the menu in several American restaurants and often goes along with ramen, nabe, udon soup, and traditional confections.
  2. Mirin – Mirin is similar to rice wine and has a lower alcohol content. Mirin can be of many types, and each type comes with a different percentage of alcohol. Mirin complements sushi and is one of the important ingredients in making the Japanese famous teriyaki sauces.
  3. Ponzu – It is a citrus-based sauce, and we make it using fresh seaweed, fish flakes, rice vinegar, mirin, and the yuzu fruit. We use it as a dressing or topping for tataki and fish and also as a dipping sauce for shabu-shabu and sashimi.

Visit Kae Sushi today to try some of the sushi from our chef’s recommendation. Your search for the top ‘sushi restaurants near me’ ends here. Besides sushi, we also allow our diners to create their custom poke bowls, where they get to choose their base, toppings, protein, and dressing.

Sushi Restaurants Near Me

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Sushi Restaurants Near Me

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