Attention Truck School Graduates!  


NRT Reimburses Drivers for Truck Driving School Costs upon Employment



NRT Compliance Driver showing truck

Graduates will be eligible for reimbursement of the fees they have paid, or are paying, up to the amount of $4000. This program does not include fees that were paid by other carriers. Please note, this program expires twenty (20) months from the driver’s truck school graduation date.”


All drivers that are employed within one month of a graduating truck school will be eligible for the full reimbursement period. Drivers that begin employment ten months after graduation would be eligible for ten months of reimbursement payments. At no time will this reimbursement program be extended beyond the twenty-month life span of the program.


Reimbursements will be accomplished through biweekly payments of $100 per pay period. Payments will continue if the driver is still actively employed until the amount of the contract has been exhausted, the amount of $4000 has been paid, or until the 20-month cutoff has been reached.


To remain eligible, a driver must remain on active status and work a minimum of five full shifts during the pay period. Inactive drivers due to illness, injury, or any unpaid/unauthorized personal time off shall have their payment stopped for the duration of their absence.  Any payments that were not paid during the absence will be forfeited. Once the driver returns to active employment, the reimbursement payments will resume until the driver reaches one of the milestones mentioned above.