Do you need cross docking and short term warehousing? If so, we are here to serve you. We can redistribute or consolidate loads according to your requirements. Our warehousing staff will take the time to provide you with exceptional service to ensure your deliveries are shipped within a timely manner. We are C-TPAT compliant. Our customers know their products are our first priority, and we understand your customers are considered your top priority. Thanks to our warehousing facilities located in northern California, southern California and Oregon, we are able to provide you with the flexibility needed to ensure your customers are completely satisfied.


Does your freight shift while it’s being transported? We will make the necessary adjustments and help get your freight back onto the pallets. We will also provide you with an extra layer of security to ensure your products remain stable all throughout transit. Our dock staff is able to assist outside carriers by reworking freight that has shifted in transit. We value our customers’ time; therefore, we will quickly re-palletize your shipment at one of our temperature controlled docks. This will ensure your customers’ products are handled with care.

Cross Docking

Do you need to organize and route your products for different locations? Maybe you need to consolidate products from various locations. Regardless of what your needs are, cross docking offers a variety of benefits. Northern Refrigerated Transportation, Inc. will not only fulfill storage space requirements, we will help in reducing your standing inventory, distribution costs and even your operating costs. With cross docking, you can coordinate both outbound and inbound shipping activities. This enables your products to flow directly from shipping to receiving areas in your manufacturing facility or distribution center.

Lift Gate Delivery

Lift gate delivery comes in very handy, especially when the location your product is being delivered to (or picked-up) doesn’t have a loading dock available. With our lift gate delivery service, we will place your product onto our lift gate where your items can be carefully lowered or raised from the truck. Our 28′, 36′, and 48′ lift gate trailers are capable of handling an assortment of deliveries. Our experienced drivers have been trained to handle your freight delivery with the utmost care.

Overnight Delivery

If you need to ship your items quickly and safely, our overnight delivery will get your product to where it needs to go. We offer overnight delivery for TL and LTL shipments for many destinations, such as Fresno, Turlock, Portland and Commerce, CA.

Temperature Controlled Shipments

Are you searching for a company that provides temperature controlled shipments? Northern Refrigerated Transportation has what it takes to provide the refrigerated transportation services needed to ensure your products are handled with care. With our temperature controlled shipments, you can breathe easier knowing your product will be at the appropriate temperature setting.

Less-Than-Truckload Shipments

With our Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping, we ship smaller loads of freight. This saves you money and costs less than investing in a trailer or full truck for a small shipment At Northern Refrigerated Transportation, Inc., we transport numerous less than truckload shipments throughout the six western states. If your company relies on transporting goods from one destination to another, there’s no question, you need a reliable carrier to handle your freight. When you choose the right LTL carrier, it can make the difference in the service, and even the price you pay.  Our LTL carrier service operates efficiently in order to reduce the amount of transit time and costs. If you’re searching for a reliable LTL carrier, Northern Refrigerated Transportation is a wise choice. Whether you need dry or frozen LTL shipments, we handle an assortment of less than truckload shipments throughout California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, and Oregon. Thanks to our large fleet of trailers and our flexible pick-up and delivery schedules, we are capable of covering more geographic regions than any other LTL provider on the West Coast. This enables us to service our customers in a more efficient manner.

The inside of the Northern Refrigerated Transportation and Poppy State Express warehouse and crossdock

Truckload Shipments (TL)

Our expedited full Truck Load (TL) shipping is an affordable option for fast delivery of your freight. Regardless of what you need – TL or LTL shipping – we provide overnight delivery that’s affordable and dependable. As an industry leader, our team of dedicated employees has extensive knowledge of the type of freight our customers demand. We streamline the shipping process by handling all aspects of your transportation from point A to point B. This allows us to build strong customer relationships. It also gives us a firm understanding of your business. Our carrier service provides our customers an array of equipment types. Whether it’s dry goods, frozen foods, ice cream or other chilled products, our fleet of 50′ and 53′ refrigerated trailers enables us to handle a variety of freight.

Freight Consolidation

Freight consolidation not only offers convenience, it can greatly reduce your shipping costs. Northern Refrigerated Transportation, Inc. provides our customers with efficient freight consolidation at our temperature controlled docks. Our freight can be received at our terminals for consolidation and fast delivery. We can also pick up multiple locations back to our terminals for consolidation. Our job is to make your job easier.

Pool Shipment Redistribution

At Northern Refrigerated Transportation, Inc., our pool distribution services deliver orders to an assortment of destination points throughout the United States. When you take advantage of our pool shipment redistribution services, you can reduce costs – even over our current low rates. We handle “Pool” Shipments directly from a single pick-up point that have multiple consignees. We also provide this service directly from our locations in Turlock, CA, Ontario, CA and Clackamas Oregon.

Supply Chain Management

In today’s competitive business world, it is not enough to streamline your internal operations. In order for a company to remain afloat, it must be able to convert supply chains into value. That’s why we are constantly developing effective solutions that help our customers achieve their bottom-line. We save our customers a considerable amount of money by servicing needs and providing results driven strategies.

The inside of the Northern Refrigerated Transportation and Poppy State Express warehouse and crossdock, featuring pallets on a forklift.

Dedicated Truck Leasing

Northern Refrigerated Transportation, Inc. has the state-of-the-art equipment, and the expertise to provide our customers with customized transportation solutions.  This enables you to focus on what really counts – satisfying your customers. Our fleet of state-of-the-art refrigerated trailers and our four West Coast warehousing facilities, enables us to meet your temperature controlled requirements. If you need to ship multi-temperature extreme products, we also have dual-temp trailers. All of our trailers are designed with extra thick insulation to protect products that need to be kept frozen at 20 degrees below zero. You can rest assure, your product will be transported at the appropriate temperature setting. We have what it takes to manage your supply chain requirements, such as logistics, transportation, pick-up and even delivery. We will assign the necessary equipment resources to handle your “Dedicated” needs.