In a time where every business clamors to find ways to differentiate itself from its competitors, how does one truly separate oneself and stand out? Here at Northern Refrigerated Transportation we believe that the essence of differentiating is actually doing something that has been core to being successful in the service industry for a long time and that is to offer customer service that exceeds expectations in every aspect of our interactions with our customers.

Ok, that sounds nice you say but what does it really mean? Here at NRT we bring our motto of “Service is the Difference” to life in many ways but it all starts with our great employees. As a family owned business we understand that our employees must be treated like family and for us to be successful we must work together to take care of our customers the same way that a family takes care of their own and their business. To ensure that we are able to carry this forward we carefully screen potential employees and make sure that they not only can perform well in their position but also that they possess the ethical character traits that fit with our company values and culture.

With a solid team in place that truly cares about our customers as our foundation we focus our efforts to stay ahead of our refrigerated transportation competitors by looking to the future and anticipating our customer’s future needs. Some call it innovation, some call it vision or “looking around corners” but we like to simply call it looking at things from our customer’s perspective. We firmly believe that if we apply our 68 years of experience and the passion of our employees to anticipate our customer’s needs in the future, this will keep us more than a step ahead.

Tangible examples of this is servicing more delivery points on the West coast than any other LTL carrier. We believed this was a point of differentiation a long time ago but to be able to maintain our position as the leader in LTL frozen and refrigerated transportation, we continue to expand our facilities to service more locations by adding terminal locations and hiring drivers. We have hired 58 drivers in the first five months of 2015 and remain focused on continuing to add drivers to service our customers. We recently expanded to our terminals by adding new sites in Olympia, WA and Ontario, CA. These new terminals combined with our existing CA locations in Turlock, Commerce, Fresno as well as Clackamas, OR strongly position us to continue to offer the most delivery points on the West Coast.

The most important thing in the refrigerated transportation business is being a carrier our customers can rely on to maintain the integrity of their freight. With refrigerated and frozen cross dock facilities, duel temp trailers and employees who understand that taking good care of your freight is first and foremost, we strive every day to demonstrate our mission statement and exceed our customer’s expectations.

If you have a refrigerated transportation need and desire a partnership with a carrier who will deliver value through reliability and a sincere regard for you, your freight and your business, Northern Refrigerated Transportation is the company for you. Please contact us to learn more about how our technologies and services can help you stay “A Step Ahead”.